2017 International Event

2017 International Event




  • Industrialization of Enugu State
  • Partnership with Chinese Investors
  • Importing from China
  • Getting Chinese Companies
  • Agriculture
  • Infrastructure



Enugu State Commissioner of Commerce & Industry


Special Adviser to the Governor on SME


Mayor Nkanu West LGA Enugu State


Deputy Mayor Nkanu West LGA Enugu State


Enugu State Commissioner for Culture & Tourism


Member Enugu State House of Assembly

Enugu China Business Summit recorded 422 participants from different states of Nigeria and this was due to the continuous increase in search for partnership.

Participants were from many industries which includes:

  • Agriculture
  • Technology
  • Transportation
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Exports & Imports and many more


2017 EVENT

Considering the massive turnout of the Enugu China Business summit 2016, we have decided to make the 2017 edition of this event much better.

In 2017 it will be International Partnership & Networking Congress.

We are inviting companies all over Africa with intensions of partnering or meeting with capable Chinese companies so as to extend partnership and promote investment. We are as well targeting 100 Chinese companies in various industries to be part of the event, which will be an opportunity for them to find new partners and invest in Africa as well.


2017 Event Guest List

Executive Governors of Various States in Nigeria

Executive Mayors of Various Cities in Nigeria

Permanent Secretaries of Ministries

International European and American Companies


The 2017 Event Outline Includes


  • Keynote Speaking Session by Notable company leaders
  • Exhibition of exportable and importable products
  • Networking & Partnership session
  • Exclusive meeting to offer proposals
  • Cooperate tourism
  • Gala Dinner
  • Exclusive meeting with Governor of the State


Africa has a lot of investment opportunities and this event will be a channel for connecting a lot of industries together. Africa has a fast growing economy and we are offering China the opportunity to expand their market and investment.



  1. In our keynote speaking session, company directors or representatives will have the opportunity to introduce their company and what they offer including the opportunities they are willing to give out to African companies willing to partner with them. This will also be an opportunity to build international branding for companies.
  2. Exhibition of Exportable and importable products session is a session which will be a center of attraction because a lot of companies in the world has a lot to offer but lacks the knowledge on how to find partners willing to get the services they offer. This platform is a way to meet an exporter or an importer and create a business relationship with them. We have also organized a guarantee platform that is going to screen both importers and exporters and collect data of what they can produce and quantity. This is a way to make sure that all participants are ready for any kind of partnership opportunity they come across at the congress.


  1. Networking and partnership session is an organized session, which is strictly for business owners and company founders. In this session, business owners will be able to meet with a similar company offering the same service and create a partnership platform that will help grow both companies in a mutual way. All companies involved in this partnership and networking session will be verified to make sure that all participants are genuine and credible in the line of business.


  1. Exclusive meetings to offer proposals is a session where foreign experts or companies who are willing to see proposals of opportunities they can invest in. in this session, participants will be in a closed room where they will sit and listen to proposals from government officials, reputable companies so as to find investors willing to review and partner with them to make that particular proposal come to live. This session is exclusively organized between highly credible companies and all proposals will be vetted before the proposing company or government official can participate.


  1. Cooperate Tourism is an exciting part of this congress as their will be no business trip to Africa without a tourist attraction. We are offering all foreign businesses and companies whom are participants of this event an opportunity to visit the most amazing tourist sights of Enugu State. These sites also have investment opportunities, as they are ancient places of the state.


  1. Gala Dinner is an opportunity to taste classy dishes of Africa and a time to chat with already found partners. This is strictly meal, fun, drink and get together. There will be no successful event without exclusive gala dinner.


  1. Exclusive meeting with the state Governor – a lot of foreign experts and companies that want to have a one on one meeting with the governor for exclusive partnership on some of the sectors they think they want to partner with the government to achieve. Only reputable companies ready to partner with the government are allowed to be part of this session. After this session, we will have our event closing ceremony.



Early Bird



Speaking Session


Gala Dinner

Airport Pickup


Early Bird

(Company 2-3 persons)


Speaking session

Exhibition Space


Gala Dinner


Airport Pickup

Cooperate Tourism


Early Bird Gold

(Company 2-3 persons)


Speaking Session

Exclusive company display session


Gala Dinner


Airport Pickup

Cooperate Tourism

Proposal meeting

Exclusive meeting with the State Governor for Investment opportunities

NB: Kindly note that in partnership with Wuhan chamber of commerce, the participation fee of this event will be calculated differently which is to enable a win win conducive cooperation. After official partnership memorandum of understanding is signed, we will revise participant registration package with the chamber of commerce so as to reach a wider coverage of companies in Wuhan willing to be part of the event.

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