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In the corporate sector, KNAMSCHE-VAS focuses on developing business skills that would take your organization to a new levels of success. its Innovative courses for Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance , Manufacturing, government, taxation, leadership, Operations and Services endeavor to give them a definite edge.

We are one of Nigeria’s finest market place engaged in human capital training and development. A premier organization delivering high quality learning solutions to corporations and professionals.

KNAMSCHE-VAS delivers training programs with cutting edge techniques and methodology that equips people with the right skills and knowledge, to help them achieve their career dreams. In order to endure this happens, we focus on scientific assessment of each client’s need and an accurate evaluation of the training delivery and the end results.

Our Team has:

  • A broad network of on board facilitators, consultants and partner firms to offer a best-in-class, yet affordable suite of training and organizational development resource.
  • Ability to customize the training, both in content and delivery, depending upon the unique requirements of each client.
  • Virtual, e- learning and blended training solutions along with traditional high quality classroom training.
  • National and Global Delivery Resources.
  • Our corporate training programs provide holistic solutions and we are committed to a philosophy of excellence.




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