For years the Business Summit on the day before KVAS has helped leaders of all kinds of businesses to share experiences. As the market matures and these businesses grow, it’s time to take the day to the next level.

This year the day will focus on practical sessions to develop a clear business improvement plan for your company.

There will be a huge amount of experience in the room, from people who have grown their business in the first stage to employ a few staff, to people who have grown all the way to employing hundreds. People who serve small local clients, to people who serve global corporations. Around the room will be many people who have dealt with the problems you face in your next stages of growth. Imagine sharing this knowledge and experience in the same open way we share code. There will also be useful data to benchmark your business against.

The day will be facilitated to be collaborative, productive and fast moving.

The outcome for you will be a business improvement plan, that you can take away and begin implementing – and a whole range of new peer-group contacts to support each other in the next stage of growth.

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